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Tianyu (shandong) rubber and plastic products co., LTD. Was founded in November 2014, is invested by tianjin tianyu rubber and plastic products co., LTD., the construction of the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber resources demonstration projects, the use of waste tires produce full range of all kinds of reclaimed rubber and rubber powder. The company is located in shandong province dezhou qingyun county economic development zone for the southern district, xiangyun road east, away from qingyun high-speed export only 3 kilometers, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient.

Company registered capital of 61.6 million yuan, …


Tianyu's various products can strengthen core commitment to the sustainability of natural resources. Lower carbon dioxide emissions, longer service life of tires and other rubber recycling make the environment more clean.

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At TianYu, the focus is on producing products that solve customer-specific problems ? whether it's improving processing capacity, reducing costs, improving product sustainability, and more. We believe that each of our products is likely to achieve its maximum value if it matches the right application correctly.

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